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At British Automotive Developments we don't just sell and tune cars, we live cars. Embedded in our very DNA is a rich history of motor-sport achievement, from battling on the rally stages of Great Britain to fighting for victory on international racing circuits, we've been there, we've done it, we've lost sweat, blood and tears all in the pursuit of our one passion and goal, to be the best at what we do.

So what do we do. British Automotive Developments is a market leader in the sale of prestigious motor vehicles from the manufacturers Aston Martin, Bentley, Caterham, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Morgan, TVR and Westfield, the cream of British engineering.

We also tune vehicles, from our state of the art, cutting edge technology, bespoke vehicle remapping service through to bespoke exhaust production, each one made like a tailored suit on its own unique jig.

So why do we strive for such extremes of excellence? ……... because we're enthusiasts ourselves, we love the roar of a V8, the added punch of a remapped vehicle, the improved handling of a professional set up motor car. We're a go company not a show company, too many modern tuning houses want a garish body kit, oversized wheels and DVD screens………we just want to go faster.

We're as passionate about your car as you are, we've dripped the same tears in the same vat of oil, we've spent the entire day thinking through the perfect solution to the worst problem, we've stood side by side with you and stared at that same beautiful piece of automotive art. Ask us a question and we'll gladly talk to you until the sun sets, ask us to take you for a spin in one of our cars and we'll take you for the blast of your life. Most people work as much as they sleep and twice as much as they socialise, we're lucky in that we don't work, we do what we love, and we do it well.

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For more information or to discuss your requirements further call or email us and we will help you achieve the vehicle of your dreams.


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British Automotive Developments

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By using your vehicles 'on-board-diagnostics' port we can enter in to the epicenter of your engine's brain.

We can gently increase the bhp and torque of your vehicle whilst transforming the power delivery to a more linear, progressive, yet aggressive state.


Specialist Car

If you're looking for a certain vehicle then please speak to our Director Colin. All of the vehicles in our stock are of the highest standard and if we haven't got the vehicle then we can source you one from our reliable network of contacts.

Discretion is always assured.


Pre-inspection &

With our 150 multi-point inspection you can have the reassurance that your investment is not going to be a costly one.

Warranties are a bug bear for most buyers. We take the jargon away and provide you with a simple warranty that does what it says on the tin.



Whether you're going to a track day, competing in a competition or simply going on a decent Sunday morning blast there is always an appropriate way in which to have your vehicle set up to achieve maximum results and performance. No matter what it is you want your vehicle to achieve or do, we can set it up to make the job much easier.


Repair &

Many of our customers who buy their cars from us, ask us to tune their cars. So it's very understandable that they would like us to service and repair their vehicle for them too when the time and need arises. We can guarantee that any work we undertake on your vehicle will be to the highest standard and at a fraction of a price of a main dealer.


Exhaust Systems

At British Automotive Developments we're as crazy about the noise a car makes as we are about the way it accelerates, the top speed it reaches and the way it handles. That's why we create bespoke, hand-made, stainless steel exhaust systems to order.


Alloy Refurbishment

At BAD Power we believe in the mantra of 'go not show'. Equally however we appreciate that attention to detail in relation to vehicle esthetics is often the finishing ingredient in creating the perfect car and for that reason we offer a wheel refurbishment service. It could be that you've simply curbed one of your wheels and want it returning to it's original condition or it could be that you'd like to change the colour, maybe black, titanium, silver, white or even something more exaggerated like orange or green. What ever your requirements we provide a top service, firstly we remove the tyre from the wheel, then we clean it, complete the repair, change the colour or both. All of our wheels come with a 12 month warranty against peeling, flaking or pitting and we also paint the inside of the wheels and finish them with tyre slic after weighting and balancing.

For more information contact a member of our team.


Specialist Vehicle Tuning:

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